What is concept of Bharjana (frying)?

Dear sir, Kudos to you.. you are doing a wonderful thing by posting the research articles on your blog, so that the knowledge can be utilzised by others who are need of them ,truely your work will help in globalising Ayurveda. sir i have got small doubt regarding my studies, hope you will help me in solving it.. My hod has given me a topic and has said me to do a seminar on it. The topic is concept of Bharjana(frying). i have got very little reffernce for this, so i am finding difficullt in preparing a paper on this. i am confused from where to start and end this topic, sir can u please guide me in this regard. can u please suggest a general outline or imp points in a way i can present this paper. hope you consider this mail in a positive note. hope to have a knowledgeable conversation ahead.

with regards, Dr.shriraj


7 responses to “What is concept of Bharjana (frying)?

  1. technoayurveda

    The topic, concept of Bharjana (frying) is used to transform / trigger the alkaloids / poly saturated fats / big chains of aminoacids to break and make bio-available. some times the components are active by heat.
    KSR Prasad

  2. Dr. M. Paramkusha rao

    Bharajana makes the products easily digestible. it also helps certain unwanted things to get evaporated. Ex. Hingu & Vacha. It is process of Sodhana. It promotes the desired effects and deletes the unwanted effects.

  3. i want to Know its ROLE(Bharjana) in Rasashastra with respect to metals??

  4. Dr. Basavaraj Ganti, SDMCA, Hassan

    first of all bharjana is not frying, it is roasting. actually frying is putting a any substance in hot oil for sometime and allowing it to stay there itself in the oil. we do not do it for the purpose of shodhana in RS & BK. Here, bharjana is to roast. in an iron pan put the drug and add some ghee/any liquid substance and stirred to dry. for eg: gairika, Hingu bharjana is done with ghee. But we do not find reference for bharjana done in RS for any metal. I hope the information is clear.

  5. Anand Chaudhary


  6. Dr. Pradeep Agnihotri

    Bharjana as shodana is advocated for Tankana, Kankshi, and in few contexts for Shanka (only for external application). This is also called as UTTFULLIKARANA by Ayurveda prakashakara. in this context excludind shanka the procedure is aimed at breaking down the water of crystilization present in the formation of salt. in case of shanka it is aimed for reduction in presence of air.
    Dr.Pradeep Agnihotri

  7. Dr. Pradeep Agnihotri

    In metals this is done as a prior step or as a preparation procedure for marana. As in Makshika,subjected for bharjana with Nimbu Swarasa.
    In Dhatu shodana it is not explained. the Logical understanding of the procedure itself speaks that it is done in presence of air to bring about redox reaction.

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