by – Dr.Santosh.N Belavadi M.D (AYU)

Kshudra means alpa or Laghu

These disease explanations will be briefly explained by the acharyas and said to be laghurupa.

The diseases which are not suitable for any other classification or category are grouped under this heading and named as Kshudra roga.

The Nidana, Lakshana are said to be Kshudra and alparupi

Few diseases are not actualy Kshudraroga but they are included in Kshudraroga and explained elaborately. Based on “Chatrino gachayantiti nyaya” means in chatri sammuha if few may not hold Chatri (Umbrella) even then this sammuha is also called as Chatrino gachyantiti nyaya.

Kshudra  it is also considered as Bhayankara roga like Agnirohini as well as alparoga like Palita

Few diseases are manifest mainly in children thats why named as kshudra like Ajagallika, Ahiputana etc

Kshudrarogas are explained on the basis of Dosha and Dhushya anusara briefly.

[download] Full Article in pdf

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