World Handwashing Day

(15th October)

First Global handwashing day is celebrating on Wednesday, October 15, 2008. UNICEF (United Nations Fund for Children’s Activities) declared 15th October is Global handwashing day. On 15 Th October 5 continents and 20 nation’s children’s will come forward to promote hand wash with soap on Global hand washing day. 2008 year Global handwashing day would focus on school children.

Purpose of Global handwashing day is to raise awareness & promoting hand washing to school children’s and parents

On 15th October, Global handwashing day celebrations: parents, school children, teachers, Ngo’s, government officials, ambassadors and members of private sector people join will be rejoiced. Global handwashing day the world raise, hand washing with soap is powerful health intervention

Everyone should know on Global handwashing day 5 Fundamental facts about hand washing with soap. These are:

  • Washing hands only with water is not enough!
  • Hand washing with soap can prevent children from diseases who are dieing in millions every year;
  • The important time for hand washing with soap for children are and after usage of the toilet and before having food.
  • Hand washing with soap is the single and most productive health intervention;
  • Social marketing advances that center on the potential handwasher and his or her exact motivations are more effective than usual disease-focused approaches.[source]

One response to “World Handwashing Day

  1. boniswa dladla

    is it possible to modify your posters for local consumtion in Swaziland

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