Ayurveda Atyayika Chikitsa


3 responses to “Ayurveda Atyayika Chikitsa

  1. presenttion is good in pointing Emergency.. but from the PPT’s presentation, i do not understand what is opnion of author/presentar coment on are we(ayurvedist) in a position to compitent to face emergencies day to day and information regarding accidents-Head injuries,Heavy blood loss.I feel that ayurvedist needs a course/training in emergency medicine in ayurvedic line of treatment .

  2. technoayurveda

    Author feels as – the native principles of Ayurveda narrates to overcome the situation by the equipment with in vicinity and tackle the emergency by initiating the requisite dose and routes of administration of said medicine. the second is to have introduction of Ayurveda Injections and a authority to sort the Ayurveda Emergency Medicines.
    – Dr KSR Prasad

  3. Dr Rakesh shukla

    respected sir,
    What are the latest updates for Ph.D progrrames..?? which college offers Ph.D.? from where can i get details about it.?

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