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Anatomy and Physiology of Human Body

Genetic Disc

An extraordinary and awesome Disc in hard black stone that on its two facades encloses the “Secrets of the Life”. An astonishing knowledge that brings havoc in the researchers and scholars. This “Genetic Disc” that measure 22 centimeters in diameter and of 2 Kg in weight, was found in Colombia by Jaime Gutierrez-Lega. It is now exposed to the Museum of Natural Sciences of Vienna, Austria and analyzed by Dr. Vera M.F. Hammer (…) and there are still many enigmas to resolve.

The material of the disc seems to be lydite a very hard black stone. Regarding the stone dating, even if being it has not been possible to assign it a precise historical period, it seems manufactured  approximately 6000 years ago…. However it was dated in prehistoric epoch and assigned to the MUISCA Culture.

The particularity of the disc consists in the carvings that are anticipate on its two facades that seem to contain genetic or biological information. These carvings would represent the evolutionary process that carries from the frog to the man. Other details that can be noticed is the visible presence of genital organs, spermatozoa, ova, (female egg) and even the fertilization of the ovum that is transformed in embryo until to arrive to the formation of the fetus. The other side shows scenes that can be interpreted as the Cell Division (!) in different stages of a frog/snake or an unknown being! (source)

6000 yr old genetic disc



National Essay Competition in Rachana Shareera

MGACH&RC, Department of Rachana Sharira, Wardha is organizing a ‘National competition of Essay on Rachana Sharira.’ All UG and PG students are eligible and cordially invited for participation in this competition. The essay will be reviewed by eminent persons of Rachana Sharira in India, and the best three will be awarded by attractive prizes. This is humble effort to nurture and disseminate the research culture and research attitude especially for the under graduate students along with the post graduates. This motto can be achieved with your kind support, hence we request you participate.

  • Contact for details:
  • Dr. Sudhir Kandekar
  • HOD, Department of Rachana Sharir
  • +91 9422904810


“BILATERAL VARIATIONS OF RENAL ARTERIES AND VEINS A CASE STUDY” – Dr Giridhar M Kanthi Prof * Prof Dept of Anatomy S D M College of Ayurveda Udupi, Dr Aruna; Dr Harshita: Dr Anoop; Dr Visakh: Dr Vishnu

Speak for the Best

Ayurveda is getting subjected to change its face very frequently under the influence of present day study methods. We as the senior Ayurveda fellows has to understand the route map and suggest the better options time to time for governing bodies to make the correct decisions. Present trend in the medical study is EBM, of course even though Ayurveda practicing this as “Sadhikara Niroopita Chikitsa”, we require to make a translation of this existing module easily understandable to the other communities in their language understandable. Please see the syllabus in terms of student centered education where it is useful ultimately to the consumer and community. A study which is not useful for the physician and the consumer (Patient) becomes ruined or distorted soon.

Here  Dr Giridhar Kanthi [] of SDM College of Ayurveda udupi [Cell– 9448888378] has provided the year wise system of BAMS 1st year Rachana Sareera syllabus which is to be completed in 12 months of time including the Examinations. Please check this with the interest and levels of understanding for a 12th standard student.

The PG Shareera Rachana curriculum is provided by Dr. Mukund Erande [] of SS Ayurved College, Hadapsar PUNE 411028.

I request you honestly to make any suggestions from your side to improve this draft in any form considering the needs of our UG/PG Students and the subject as a whole. This draft is available at –

Download / view BAMS syllabus

Download / view PG Paper I syllabus

Download / view PG Paper II syllabus

Jnana srotas Febraury

CNS Examination


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