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Treatment for Vitiligo [white patches] – – –In the year 2000 when I am in early phases of PG teaching, Gadag, Karnataka has many Vitiligo patients. It is a challenge for me to treat this disease. After many combination’s and permutations, a medicine of internal and external has derived and treated more than 6000 patients of different locations in India. The visualized effect observance of medicine varies from 7 days to 16 months. I claim for simple level Vitiligo to treat in 4-6 weeks and long standing in 15-20 months. Contact Dr. KSR Prasad at

Treatment for Kitibha Kusta – Psoriasis: –  I concentrated on Psoriasis next to the Vitiligo in the consequent years. Ayurveda explains the involvement of the Vata in Psoriasis, thus I took Vasti as a method of treatment with Patoladi Compound and had the successful results. 

Psoriasis (play /səˈr.əsɪs/) is a chronic autoimmune disease that appears on the skin. It occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis is not contagious.[1] There are five types of psoriasis: plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular and erythrodermic. The most common form, plaque psoriasis, is commonly seen as red and white hues of scaly patches appearing on the top first layer of the epidermis (skin). Some patients, though, have no dermatological symptoms.

Psoriasis typically looks like red or pink areas of thickened, raised, and dry skin. It classically affects areas over the elbows, knees, and scalp. Essentially any body area may be involved. It tends to be more common in areas of trauma, repeat rubbing, use, or abrasions.


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  2. paramkusha rao

    Please send the ccim guidelines for pancakarma professorship

  3. Dear Sir,
    I simply would like to know (for my unfortunate uncle who is suffering from this painful desease.) the remedy/ treatment for hyper HEEL SKIN EROSION AND SORES. Is there any treatment for this, in any pathy in India. Plz. reply my mail and oblige.
    Shariq Khan.

  4. technoayurveda

    All problems have solutions. Please emphasize the problem and where you stay. Availability of Medicines and herbs becoming a big problem in a region – so, kindly explain the present condition and place you stay – so, an appropriate remidy is advised.

  5. hi! dr. how are u? am fine here teaching for college of ayurveda uk ltd. in collaboration with the middx. univ. in london and also at ayu. college in zagreb and croatia. do consultations at ‘Ayurveda uk ltd. company and a leisure life there after. was in india (april2nd till may 2nd 2010) couldn’t go anywhere due to hot weather and exhausted and limited to narayanpet and doulatabad and raichur hyd. etc. i didn;t know that u were in koppala college?
    ur contact is lost inmy e-mail id
    with regards
    and yes i could see dr. alladi anand during jan. at chennai airport.
    joshi vn

  6. My name is ***, I leave at Pune, Maharashtra. I read about you on technoayurveda website. I faced a serious problem of Night falls (Swapnadosha) from last 12 years. Today my age is 25 years old. I am unmarried. Every 2 or 3 days later I faced this problem. I had several ayurvedic treatments on this problem, but all unable solve my problems or fails. I always worry about my future & my marraige life. I read your comments & lecture on technoayurveda about vajisex , rasayana & other posts.
    Sir, please suggest me, where I get the treatment for this problem, due to this my life is full of weakness & illness, every night I have fear of happing this again & again.
    Tell me sir how to communicate with you, If I want to get treatment from you, what is the procedure, Is that you (Ayumitra) have any branch at pune or in maharashtra. What kind of treatments I need get. what is the cost for it , how much time it will take, – How to communicate with you on telephone.
    I hope you understand my condition sir. Please help me to solve this problem & leave a happy & healthy life.
    Thanks & Regards,

  7. technoayurveda

    Dear friend,
    Don’t worry about your future – for every problem there will be a solution – try to narrate from the beginning – what treatments undergone and how the feeling – looking at it – I will communicate to you – good luck

  8. Thank you very much for replying my mail, for your reference I mention my brief history & various treatments I get. In last mail I forget to mention that I also have Piles.
    1. In 1997-1998 I start masturbation till year 2000
    2. From 2000 I stop masturbating, but after this every 2-3 days later Night falls & Problem of Piles happens.
    3. Then I consult to alopathic physician about my problem, they told me that my problem is natural to everyone. And that was not a problem at all.
    4. Due unsatisfied reply from allopathic physician, I consult with ayurvedic physician they gave
    me some tablets, some churna (ashwagandha, shatavari,awla, sithophalathy curna) etc.
    I started to take this with milk & warm water, it effect to some level, but my problem was still there.
    5. From 2000 to 2009 I take several consultation with many ayurvedic physician, they just change the medicine & tablets, its just minimize the frequency of Night falls, but doesn’t treat it.
    6. From last few year the semen erected due to nightfall was coloured fent. & also my digestive system was vary weak. The problem of Piles is also occurred, for this every night before sleep I need to eat Triphala churna to fill good at morning.
    7. In 2010 I check my semen at a laboratory. as suggested by one physician, the report was normal, but some point like FSH -avarage , LH- Low, & sperm count was shown 60 million.
    8. In 2010 I read about the vajikarana & rasayana treatments for sexual & ageing problems.
    9. I feel vary weakness in day to day activities, poor grades in education, lack of confidence.
    I just depressed due this problem & various type of tablets & treatments I take to solve this problem, I need a complete solution to solve my problem.

    10. Please tell me what kind of diet I need to take. What kind of foods I avoided & What kind of foods I need to eat plenty. Is that Non- veg. should avoided (as I am non-vegetarian).

    I hope I mention all the necessary information, Please sir suggest me a proper treatments for Night fall & Piles. if you need more information please reply me. I send you that in next mail.

  9. technoayurveda

    Dear friend,
    it is a good sequential history you narrated
    – masturbation and night fall of semen is a common phenomenon for a reproductive age male, when he is not involved in active sex
    – you did not tell whether you are married or not
    – please use Tab Neo and Tab Ned along with Tab Pilex at Bed time for your piles
    – take one tab Manasamitra Vatakam at Bed time which makes your mind free
    – it is advised to have a regulated timely food habits and good amount of water intake
    – if you feel weak, you may have even Kaunch Pak daily twice after food
    – when you are taking bath – till your marriage – you may oil your dick and use squeeze and dry technique, so the amount of the semen collected – almost it is like masturbation
    – not to do it regularly – but may use it when ever required
    hope you find answers for all questions – if you have still – write again



  11. Dear Doctor,
    Please Suggest any non-allopathic medicine for sexual erectile dysfuction of a 54 year old diabetic.

  12. technoayurveda

    Dear Friend,
    Thank you very much at the interest Ayurveda
    For your problem at the age of 54 –
    a constant health management is necessary
    – be active with limited food
    – a good partner to evoke you sexually
    – privacy sufficient
    – good environment to arose sexually
    – at the age of 54 – conjugation is advised weekly once
    – and last as medicine is Siddha Makaradwaja at night 30 minutes before to action preferably with milk
    – note: Makaradhwaja can be taken daily also
    – May Kamadeva bless you

  13. Sir, Where can I get the process of 18 samskaars of mercury. Is it true that these samskaars lead to phylosophers stone or paras patthar as is mentioned in some ancient texts.
    Can I find some Ras shastra expert who can teach me & demonstrate all the 18 samskaar of mercury?

  14. technoayurveda

    Dear Anand
    At present no institution is teaching the 18 parada samskra.They are explained in many Rasashastra books. You may consult DrPHC Murthy [his profile is in technoayurveda] for practice at personal level. If a few of are ready to bear the expenditures – technoayurveda can take the initiation of demonstration.


    Ayurmitra Dr K Shiva Rama Prasad

  15. ashutosh nandan pandey

    This is Ashutosh Nandan Pandey ,interni of Dayanand Ayurvedic Medical College ,Siwan,Bihar.
    Yr work on vitilogo & psoriasis inspired me.I want to do work with u & connect this channel.For this what will be done by me.

  16. dr. Lakhan singh

    Dear sir
    i am a general practicner in rural area of chhattisgarh. i have a pt of vitiligo.21year old, have white patches on glan penis, no itching,no burning mituration.
    please gide me to treat that pt.

  17. Dear sir,
    i am 28 years old male, married recently. i have a problem of Erectile Dysfunction and premature premature ejaculation and i also doubt quality of semen also. please suggest remedy for this…

  18. simran
    hi sir , myself *** m.d (kayachikitsa).
    i have one patient of ————– recurrent bronchitis with wheezing——– she is just 14 years old———— first episode happens during may 2012 ………….. and then recurrence occurs twice after a gap of about 2-3 months……… already on gold prep. with vasa and haridakhand etc from last 15 days…… no respond tlii now……….. what else can we add in the treatment chart ?

  19. Dear Doctor,
    The condition is a chronic bronchectiasis. The preparation of “Vasakantakari Avaleha” 15 grams daily morning and evening on empty stomach will make good. The treatment is for 40 days. It will never relapse and takes out chronic bronchectiasis. Thank you for reference. If still to discuss any, you are welcome to my mail through
    – technoayurveda

  20. Thanku so much sir! But i just want to confirm should the previous drugs be stopped and patient put on single drug therapy.

  21. Dear Doctor,
    every time if you write a new name – i am confused – and when ever you refer a case please tell some thing of case – other wise i am boomed. I think you are referring chronic bronchectiasis.
    if so, there is no any other medicine required other than the prescribed “Vasakantakari Avaleha” – this preparation is available with IMPCOPS, Madras or IMIS, Vijayawada. other wise you may need to mix the vasavaleha and kantakari avaleha –

  22. dear sir,
    firstly thanks for helping us in such a way.
    have a patient of neuralgia. i have started with cap palsinuron 1 bd. as it contains ras aushadh i have prescribed it for 15 days only. can you please guide on the correct dosing of ras aushadh and also what to start after the ras regime , should i go for ashwagandha and tryodshang guggul.
    please guide

  23. Dear Dr.Prasad,
    Please share your experience with patients of psoriasis, especially the treatment regimen, diet and lifestyle you recommend.

  24. Respected Sir. Thank you for Information.
    My friend have very rare kustha disease “Dermatographic urticaria” also called “skin writing”.As per searching on net we expect that the disease came due to drinking “unhealthy jersey cow milk” and excessive physical work.Can you please tell name of this disease in Ayurveda/sanskrit.

  25. Dear sir
    I am a married male of age 30 years, i have yeast infection on my genital area especially on main part. i have been using CABDID-B but its only giving temporary relief and not giving result. please suggest me permanent solution

  26. subrata das

    sir,i am su ring from bullous is a auto imune diease.please help me.

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