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Management of Infertility (part-2) –

All about The 12th issue of Ayurvedline

Infertility is a very complex area of medical science. The sheer magnitude of the problem is because of the psychosocial impact on the infertile couples, not to forget the economic rundown. Though modern medicine has tried to breach the frontiers of this field with techniques like IVF, GIFT etc., the success rates are still not satisfactory.

Infertility is also being successfully treated by many ayurvedic consultants. But their studies and approach have been confined to their clinics. Ayurvedline, the only ayurvedic drug index in the world has timely focused its twelfth edition on Infertility with special focus on female infertility.

Cover Story

  • The lead article on Female infertility, both from an ayurvedic perspective as well as modern gynecology is written by This article by Dr. Mamatha which gives a descriptive correlation of the yoni vapaths and gyneacological disorders with special focus on infertility.
  • A focused ayurvedic view of female infertility is very important. This has been dealt in detail by Dr. Jyothi Kumbhar in the next article on etiopathogenesis of female infertility.
  • There are infinite claims about many herbs to cure infertility. But many of them might not be supported by research. Dr. Prahalad Phatki, Head, Medical Services & Clinical Trials, Himalaya Drug Company has put together a exhaustive compilation of herbs that can be used in treating infertility.
  • Dr. Shubhashree who has compiled researches on Female Infertility,gives a  wide collection of works sourced from premier centers across India. It is a rich clinical data ready to be put to use by ayurvedic practitioners.
  • Dr. B.S. Prasad gives a valuable insight of Uttara basti with a neat differention into vaginal, cervical and tubal disorders. This specificity is very rare and should very much be appreciated.
  • Dr. Shubha V. Hegde who has a vast experience in treating female infertility has discussed her experience of using Cocos nucifera inflorescence in infertility.
  • Dr. K.V. Narasimha Raju et al have put forth a comprehensive article on PCOS. It deals with diagnostic and therapeutic approach from an ayurvedic opinion.
  • Azoospermia cases are said to be completely incurable in modern andrology practice. Dr. B.S. Prasad who has keen interest in ayurvedic infertility practices has shared his experiences in treating azoospermia cases.
  • Dr. Usha in her article on Pumsavana discusses the importance of this treatment in preventing repeated pregnancy loss. The description is well supported by the clinical study carried out by Dr. Trupti.
  • The highlight of the cover story is definitely the article on Gender Selection Therapeutics. A very detailed natural method of selecting the sex of the unborn child has been elaborated. Detecting ovulation with the help of various techniques is first discussed. These techniques include determination of Basal Body Temperature, examination of cervical mucous, Ovulation pain, Cervix position, Ovulation predictor kits and so on.
  • The importance of nutrition in determining the selection of desired offspring has been discussed. Separate diets for baby boy and girl have been listed with special focus on Indian diet. The controversial Chinese calendar method has also found mention in the article. The author Dr. Anuradha Nadkarni has given a practical summarization of all these methods which is easy to adopt.
  • Shukradushti or defects of sperm and semen is another topic which is a slight though welcome deviation from the core topic of female infertility. But the comparative evaluation with different drugs makes it a useful topic.
  • A new preparation Kumari taila has been used to treat fallopian tube blockages in infertile women. It has given excellent results. This study has been conducted by Dr. Kamayani Shukla and presented in this issue.
  • The modern approach to female infertility must also be borne in mind by ayurvedic doctors. Keeping this in view, a very concise article on causes and diagnostic procedures of female infertility has been authored by Dr. Vijeyapall.


  • The research sections are greatly appreciated in every issue of Ayurvedline as they contain latest discoveries which can be practically applied. In addition to infertility Research, food and obesity researches have been compiled. Very interesting topics like stress and sperm defects,Prevention of tumour growth by vitamin C, excess coffee can cause smaller babies have been mentioned.
  • Obesity research contains topics which establish the relationship between obesity and a host of diseases like asthma, cancer, diabetes, GERD etc.

Clinical Research

The clinical research section contains 11 clinical studies. Most of them are PG Dissertations conducted over the past year. Combating the toxicities of chemotherapy with Rasayana is a very interesting and new clinical study in this section.


A higher number of topics have been included in the features section in this edition of Ayurvedline. But each article is completely different from another. Clinical studies, current topics, dosage fixation in pediatrics make it an interesting section. Foreign herbs useful in the management of pain are also a new topic not discussed previously.

Ayurvedic Drug Index

The representation of the classical and proprietary medicine indexes is at the fag end of the issue retaining the usual format of Ayurvedline. Nearly 300 leading Companies have participated with listing of over 5000 products which includes 400 new products. As before the latest prices have been updated. The format could be improved making it more user friendly.

This issue contains four clinical trial reports of products. This section is also much read by doctors to know the results of new drugs.

The current issue of Ayurvedline, the 12th one to be precise is a storehouse of information with an attractive cover page. The entire gambit of female infertility with reference to Ayurveda has been covered in the cover story. The 650 pages of priceless information is worth its weight in gold for the issue Price of Rs. 250

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THE BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY BILL, 2OOO (Bill No. 93 of 2000, introduced in Lok Sabha)

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