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Health Awareness Education

  • Why: To create awareness and educate people in general, enhance knowledge amongst educated in particular in Indian Health sciences and practices.
  • To provide an additional qualification so as to enable to apply the earned knowledge for fine tuning present skills and work for social  cause of  creating  illness free society .
  • Need: Presently  Medical education  in this   field  is restricted to graduate level and there is an acute need of creating awareness from  10 and 10 + 2 level   in particular  and   education and awareness amongst general  people  , who are interested in   acquiring knowledge , additional qualification ,  propagating  good practices  for preventive aspect of illness in the society .
  • The Indian Government in particular and the Sate Governments,   in general stressed the need of such programs.
  • Aimed to create awareness and generate skilled people to assist professionals in the industry, health care centers, and dispensaries and propagate for the welfare of the society with special reference to prevention part of illness.
  • To have self therapy for simple ailments and symptomatic treatments in the home itself with easily available materials.
  • To prepare on own certain remedies and propagate in a small scale
  • To get preventive health care with the help of simple remedies so as to avoid seasonal illnesses.

PG Diploma Course  :   1: PG Diploma in  Social  and Preventive  Indian Health care – Duration 1 year ( 2 semesters ) – Qualification : Min. Bachelor  Degree in Biology and related combinations  , Medicine (any system) –Recognized – Prospectus , Details and application form : Rs. 200 /–

Certificate Courses – 2: 1) Certificate in Indian Health Sciences and 2) Certificate in herbal Home Remedies

  • Duration 6 months, Qualification: Min. 10th standard, Prospectus, Details and application form: Rs. 200 /–

Diploma Course –1 : Diploma in Herbal Products – Duration 1 year (2 semesters ) -Qualification :  Min. Intermediate with biology BPC,MBPC and related

Contact Dr MA Virinchi for more details – dr.m.a.virinchi@sify.com

Dance As Education

Dance As Education: Towards A National Dance Culture – Routledge | April 1, 1991 | ISBN-10: 1850007179 | 256 pages | PDF | 1.66 Mb

In this volume the author examines the place of dance in contemporary Britain. Doing so, he sets out to provide the historical, political and structural elements necessary to achieve a broad understanding of dance in society.

Available in the Net as Free Book – Use Search engines to get it

Right to Education

(cartoon from Surendra, The Hindu, Thursday, April 1, 2010)

The 86th amendment to the Constitution and the RTE Act has given us the tools to provide quality education to all our children. Fundamental right to education provides us a unique opportunity to mount a mission encompassing all discourses, to fulfill our goal of universal elementary education. Parents too have expectations from education system – that it should equip their children for gainful employment and economic well being. Whether this dream of a skilled or intellectual child of common parent is ever fulfilled? Now a day getting education is a Mirage at the village level. The present day education system is a buying policy or at the offering of Reservations. At each and every step when money is ruling the education and employment, how far the RTE is helpful is a Cinema on forth coming silver screen.