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Breach of matrimony

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The Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology (JASA) is a free, bi-monthly international journal for the propagation and development of stellar astrology and Krishnamurti Paddhati. Any body can sign in from the WELCOME page. A Blog by name Astrojasa is with full of ideas and clarification.

The Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology, has completed ONE FULL YEAR !!The current issue is the Anniversary Issue and it is, as usual, different from the other issues. You can see here.

Will Cine Glamour work out in Politics?

Astro Medicine – A Doctor’s Perspective

Predicting the Date of Delivery

WOW Astrological Calendar

WOW Astrological Calendar 3.5 | 12.23 Mb  [trial version]Astrological Calendar helps you handle the short term influences affecting your horoscope. The Calendar displays interpretations for each day and hour and lets you plan your days ahead! letitbit Homepage – http://www.world-of-wisdom.com/02_software/calendar.htm

KP Starone

KP Starone 6.6.31 | 12 Mb Home: http://kpstarone.com/

KP StarOne is an advance astrology program for followers of KP System. It is probably the only astrology program based on WYSIWYG technology ( What You See Is What You Get on printer). It has many advance features like Advance Event Finder, Chart/ Birth time adjustment, House rotation, built-in KP Ephemeris, Muhurt Selector and Transit besides KP significators, 4-Step Significators, Aspects & Ruling Planets. It is one of the most accurate astrology program and uses Swiss Ephemeris for very accurate planetary positions and houses. [get ithttp://kpstarone.com/kpstarone.html