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Ayurveda Poster Competition 2012

“Ayurveda Poster Competition 2012”
Technoayurveda announces “Ayurveda Poster Competition 2012” at the arrival of 2012. Posters size 36 inches width and 48 inches height in Microsoft Power point or Publisher. The theme of the poster is Concepts of Ayurveda. Technoyurveda declare Prize money of Rs.501/- as first prize and Rs. 401/- as the second. The last date to receive the posters to technoayurveda@gmail.com is –
31st January, 2012.
Send your file along with your details and email ID for further correspondence.


Pulse Diagnosis

Nadi Tarangini: A Pulse Based Diagnostic System-  Aniruddha J. Joshi, Research Scholar, Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Bombay [Further reading]