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Genetic Disc

An extraordinary and awesome Disc in hard black stone that on its two facades encloses the “Secrets of the Life”. An astonishing knowledge that brings havoc in the researchers and scholars. This “Genetic Disc” that measure 22 centimeters in diameter and of 2 Kg in weight, was found in Colombia by Jaime Gutierrez-Lega. It is now exposed to the Museum of Natural Sciences of Vienna, Austria and analyzed by Dr. Vera M.F. Hammer (www.nhm-wien.ac.at…) and there are still many enigmas to resolve.

The material of the disc seems to be lydite a very hard black stone. Regarding the stone dating, even if being it has not been possible to assign it a precise historical period, it seems manufactured  approximately 6000 years ago…. However it was dated in prehistoric epoch and assigned to the MUISCA Culture.

The particularity of the disc consists in the carvings that are anticipate on its two facades that seem to contain genetic or biological information. These carvings would represent the evolutionary process that carries from the frog to the man. Other details that can be noticed is the visible presence of genital organs, spermatozoa, ova, (female egg) and even the fertilization of the ovum that is transformed in embryo until to arrive to the formation of the fetus. The other side shows scenes that can be interpreted as the Cell Division (!) in different stages of a frog/snake or an unknown being! (source)

6000 yr old genetic disc


Ayurveda Research Vision 2020

Types of Research

call for Research papers

“Journal of Indian System of Medicine” is an International pear reviewed listed journal published from Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College, Hospital & Research Centre, of DMIMS, DU, Nagpur. It offers the publication of –

  • Original research articles: Randomized controlled trials, intervention studied, studies of screening and diagnostic test, outcome studies, cost effectiveness analyses, case-control series, and surveys with high response rate. (1500 words)
  • Review articles: Systemic critical assessments of literature and data sources, etc. (2500 words)
  • Case studies: New/ interesting/ rare cases or conditions of clinical significance or implications (1000 words)
  • Short communications: conceptual studies, innovative hypothesis, observations, etc.  (500 words)
  • Announcements: Announcements of conferences, meetings, courses, awards, and other items likely to be of interest to the readers should be submitted with the name and address of the person from whom additional information can be obtained. (100 words)
  • Book reviews: Books submitted to the editorial board are reviewed by the selected.

Authors should follow the following specifications of the Journal.

  •  Authorship is limited to two authors and third may be accepted with permissions. Provide authors academic (e.g. M.D.) and positions (e.g. Professor) and the mailing address, telephone/ mobile / fax numbers and Email address.
  • Provide a statement / undertaking verifying that –
  • (1) The manuscript is original,
  • (2) All the authors were active participants,
  • (3) Not been published, simultaneously submitted, or already accepted for publication elsewhere,
  • (4) Complete financial disclosure information and
  • (5) Signed permission forms from the copyright holder
  • (6) Responsibility of all the legal issues regarding the article content.
  • Pagination is A4, Times New Roman font 12 size of 1.5 line spacing, with margins of 1 inch of all sides.
  • All Ayurveda terms should be in italics.
  • All articles should provide – Abstract (less than 150 words) keywords (4 to 6) and references (10 to 15).
  • Original Articles format is with – Introduction – Methods – Results – Discussion – Conclusion – references (appropriative tables / statistics/ figures)
  •  The referencing (Books, Article, Reports, Electronic, etc.) method is Vancouver (Authors / Editors: Name of chapter, Name of book, Publisher, Place, year, inclusive page numbers) and the references are typed Arabic numerals in square brackets (eg: [13]) in running test and also at the references place.
  • The limitation of review articles text is 2500 words and for case studies it is 1000 words. The short communications are limited to 500 words and they may add a poster of 48 x 36 inches (wide/ tall) in ppt format.
  • All articles are asked for resubmission after reviewing and time to time author should take the responsibility of corrections. In case of withdrawal of the article author should specify with a letter.

It is considered for all electronic submissions that the author is abide with the regulations of JISM and any further legal situations arise are not at the responsibility of JISM and the author has to clear by his own expenses and responsibility.

  • Authors can “recommend a Reviewer” name along with his designation, mobile / email contact details.
  •  Address for submission / communication of the manuscripts:
  • Electronic: editorjism@gmail.co
  • Please send a Hard copy of article along with consent letter by Post to:
  • Chief Editor, JISM,
  • Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College, Hospital & Research Centre,

view – JISM V1N1  (Jan-Jun 13) &  JISMv1N2 (jul-dec 13)

Research Data Analytics

The PES Institute of Technology, (MBA Programme) Bangalore will be conducting Management Development Programme (MDP) on “Research Data Analytics”. The MDP is open for all interest groups such as academicians, research scholars, executives and students in the areas of Management, Commerce, Economics, Medicine, Pharmacy and other socio-economic issues. Please find attached broachers for the same. We request you to kindly participate in the event.  (We request you to circulate this information among your contacts)

The course fee is Rs. 3000/-. The fee includes Course Material, Tea & Snacks and Lunch.

  • Batch – I
  • Receipt of Registration Forms: 30th April 2013
  • Receipt of DDs : 30th April 2013
  • Intimation of Final list of Participants: 15th May 2013
  • Batch – II
  • Receipt of Registration Forms: 15th June 2013
  • Receipt of DDs :15th June 2013
  • Intimation of Final list of Participants :30th June 2013
  • All Participants are advised to bring their Laptops.
  • Download the REGISTRATION FORM
  • Nandakumar PM, Assistant Professor, MBA-Department, PES-IT, BSK III Stage, Banagalore. Cell: +91-984424386

Role of Ayurveda in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancer

In the foothills of auspicious Himalaya-1

  • A National seminar on Role of Ayurveda in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancer
  • On 20-21 April 2013
  • At Hoshiarpur
  • Org by Guru Ravidas Ayurved University, Punjab
  • Registration: UG student = Rs 400, PG scholar = Rs 800, General delegate = Rs 1000, spot registration Rs 200 extra
  • Contact for Papers: OS Dr Kuldip Singh Panwar, M 098155-94941 email: drkspanwar@gmail.com
  • Contact Registration & Accommodation to Mr KP Singh, dradmission.grau@yahoo.in