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Life in Sanskrit (Telugu)

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Proverbs – Sanskrit

Proverbs are coherent and lively documents of human experiences in succinct manner. These give vigor to language. Some proverbs are for shock treatment to the stupid ones. Some are drumbeats to the slumbering lethargic! Proverbs are strong pulses of folklore. Citing proverbs in daily conversation is age-old practice of people. Collection and study of these wonderful aphorisms is made several times in hundreds of languages of the world. We do not know original creators of these by name. But we do know modern authors by name who have produced proverbs afresh inspired by the old ones –  DOWNLOAD

Patanjali’s yoga sūtras

Patanjali’s yoga sūtras
-Dr. B V Venkatakrishna śāstry
Digital Educational Source material
Devanagari Sanskrit and Roman characters with diacritical marks
Multilingual Text string searchable
WEB deliverable

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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Darshanam (Sanskrit)

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Ayurveda (Sanskrit)

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Jyotisham (Sanskrit)

Bhrugu Samhita ( eBook ) 

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Bruhajjatakam( eBook ) 

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Brihaddaivajnaranjanam ( eBook )
Jyothisha Samgraha ( eBook )
Jatakaadesha Marg ( eBook )
Jaataka Parijatam ( eBook )
Jyotisa Kalpadruma ( eBook )
Jyotisha Samhita( eBook )
Jyotisha Shabdhakosha( eBook )
Laghu Jaatakamu ( eBook )
Jyotisatattva Prakasa ( eBook )
Shambuhora Prakasha ( eBook )
Jaataka Bhushanam ( eBook )
Astakavarga Mahanibandh ( eBook )
Atharvana Jyotisam
Bruhatsamudrika Sastramu ( eBook )
Laghu Parasharee – Madhya Parasharee ( eBook )
Laghu Parasharee & Madhya Parasharee ( eBook )
Chamatkara Chintamani ( eBook )
Muhurtha Chintamani ( eBook )
Bharateeya Kundalee Vijnan ( eBook )
Bharateeya Jyotisha ( eBook )
Phaladeepika ( eBook )
Jyotisha Prasna Phala Ganana ( eBook )
Bhavamanjari ( eBook )
Bhuvanadeepaka ( eBook )
Jyotisha Ratnakara ( eBook )
Yogini Jatakam ( eBook )
Surya Siddhanth ( eBook )
Graha-Vichaar Maalaa Pushp ( eBook )
Taajika Neelakanti ( eBook )
Vivaha Vrundavanam ( eBook )
Laghuparashari Bhashya ( eBook )
Vruddhayavanajaataka of Minaraja – Vol.I ( eBook )
Vruddhayavanajaataka & Minaraja – Vol.II ( eBook )
Vrutth and Vrutthi Prabhandh ( eBook )
Bruhad Hodachakra Vivaranamu ( eBook )
A Book of Astrological Correct Predictions Part I
Maanasajari (eBook)
Prashnamka Choodamani (eBook)
Muhoorta Deepika (eBook)
Muhurtha Chinthamani (eBook)
Lilavati (eBook)
Prashna Chandeshwar (eBook)
Vasanta Rajasakunam (eBook)
Jyotisha Dwara Roga Upachar (eBook)
Prasnamarga (eBook)

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