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Historicity of Vedic and Ramayan Eras

Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas has published this book after 6 years of multidisciplinary scientific research. This book gives the exact dates of events narrated in Rig-Veda & Ramayana, calculated astronomically by using planetarium software. It will change the way in which the history of the world particularly of the Indian sub continent is written.

Contact: Saroj Bala, Director, I-SERVE Delhi Chapter, C-II/107, Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021. Mobile: 09015858557, 09811343548, 09958008787, Email: delhichapter@serveveda.orgsarojbala044@gmail.com


Eastern Philosophy

Stephen Knapp

And His Books on Spirituality, Vedic Culture and Eastern Philosophy

An Introduction to the Highest Levels of Spiritual Reality

This has become a huge site with lots of information for the promotion of personal and social spiritual development, especially by using the Vedic path. This site has something for everyone interested in Spiritual Enlightenment, Eastern Philosophy, the Vedas, Vedic Culture, Yoga, Hinduism, reincarnation, or life after death. It also deals with traveling to the holy places of India, the science of the soul, understanding God, vegetarianism, as well as global peace.

The main purpose of Stephen’s work is to offer simple yet accurate ways and explanations to comprehend the lofty insights found within the spiritual philosophy and Vedic culture of India, which has much to offer humanity. So far his intention seems to be working. One of his readers wrote, “You have a rare gift in explaining the complexities of the Infinite and Incomprehensible in attractive words.” C. K., from Australia, May 5, 2001.

website contains a huge amount of information that is now easily available at your fingertips, and it is always expanding. But Stephen’s books contain much more and go deeper into the topics found on this site for explaining this spiritual knowledge and the process for spiritual development, and the importance of Vedic culture for the progress of humanity. Be sure to check them out. The full details and contents of which, and how to order them, can be viewed by clicking on the titles below:

Free e-booklets are meant not only for reading here online, but you can also download and read them on your own computer, or share them and email them to others, as is the case with most of the articles on this site. This way we can spread free spiritual knowledge throughout the internet, especially to those who may need a better understanding of Vedic culture. All of these are now available as Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf files and can be emailed to you upon your request so you can format them to your own preferences to be printed and distributed to others as you wish. [click to go for stephen homepage]

Maharishi Vedic Literature

Mahesh Yogi

Founder of Maharishi University
of Management, Maharishi Vedic
Universities around the world, and
the Transcendental Meditation
and TM-Sidhi programs

Vedic Literature Collection –

is of primary Vedic Literature texts provides an essential resource for the achievement of the University’s educational goals. In his 1994 book, Vedic Knowledge for Everyone, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi relates the significance of reading the Vedic Literature:

“Every aspect of the Vedic Literature expresses a specific quality of consciousness. Reading every aspect of the Vedic Literature as it flows and progresses in perfect sequential order has the effect of regulating and balancing the functioning of the brain physiology and training consciousness, the mind, always to flow in perfect accordance with the evolutionary direction of Natural Law.”

“1. Reading the Vedic Literature in sequence is the procedure to spontaneously train the brain physiology and the whole physiology of speech to function in the most orderly way so that every thought, speech and action is spontaneously promoted in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law, and thereby spontaneously enjoys full support of the evolutionary quality of intelligence that upholds order and evolution in the entire universe.

“2. Practicing Transcendental Meditation … is the procedure to spontaneously enliven the total potential of intelligence in human physiology and train the physiology to function in the most natural way, in the most orderly manner, according to Natural Law — daily experiencing self-referral consciousness in order that the infinite organizing power of one’s own Transcendental Consciousness (one’s own simplest form of awareness) becomes the guiding light of every thought and action, promoting success in every undertaking and actualizing and spontaneously engaging the infinite organizing power of the Unified Field of Natural Law.”

— Maharishi in Vedic Knowledge for Everyone: Maharishi Vedic University Introduction – Click the picture below to get the links