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8 responses to “TechnoAyur

  1. Respected Sir, I need ur Vajikaran presentation which u gave me at Global Ay Conference Now my due to problem in my pendrive. I lost that Kindly send me the presentation. I couldnt get ur presentations in ur webas u told me
    Dr Santosh Chavan, Bharati Ayurvedic College Pune

  2. technoayurveda

    clinical vajikaran –
    direct link –
    are directly down-loadable pdf files –
    Ayurmitra ksrprasad

  3. SIR,


  4. dr.firoz varun

    good work

  5. sssssssssssssssssir how to open the files in this.

  6. technoayurveda

    click on download or there will be – different sites to download with links – click them to download

  7. Arun Kishore Thakur

    aapke Jyotisham antargat pustken chhatron v tatpremiyon ke liye param shreyak hai

  8. Arun Kishore Thakur

    Jyotish vishayak chhatrahit men bhavadeeya sangruhit pustken bahut hi upyogi v upkari hain.

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