Indian Ayurveda

Many Ayurveda doctors around India and World are with expertise knowledge and efficiency of curing the disease. Technoayurveda took the responsibility of introducing such eminent doctors to the global Ayurveda patients and the health lovers. We wish the “GAD” – “Genuine Ayurveda Doctor” to spread out all over the Globe and Ayurveda to establish its past glory. We are not in lack of any information or knowledge, but only dedicated communication and commitment are necessary at this juncture.

All Ayurveda Doctors are not with the efficiency of having a site of their own or competent to make a Blog or such net communications. Technoayurveda helps such Ayurveda Physicians, Researchers, etc. to be in the technoayurveda member and appear in their special page deputed on their name with the information provided by them along with the photos, materials, articles, etc. Send your data to technoayurveda@gmail.com for Dr.KSRPrasad.

So, rush to become a member and have your page seen in “ayurdoctor”.

Global Public Health

Many may have thoughts out busted, but there is no platform to express. Technoayurveda offers such area for the young scientists of Ayurveda. Here you are invited to express your sparkling Ideas in the BOX below. All is Well . . . . l4

Our Endeavor

We, technoayurveda fraternity are small group of people who wish to propagate the Ayurveda Globally in a genuine way. For fulfilling the desire a gateway – https://technoayurveda.wordpress.com/ [Ayurveda Tradition to meet the Technology in Techno Ayurveda] is started covering with General medical, Yoga and Astrology topics featured in English and Telugu. http://ayurdoctor.wordpress.com/ – heading as “Genuine Ayurveda”  [Genuine Ayurveda at the service of Global Ailed] is an exclusive area for introduction of doctors, Pharmacies and Ayurveda Colleges along with PG Centers. http://ayurvedaonline.wordpress.com/ [A bridge between Ayurveda Teacher and Scholar] is meant for Ayurveda and Allied Books and information. http://ayurvedaresearch.wordpress.com/ [A total Ayurveda PG Thesis & Research update] is meant for Ayurveda Research and books. http://ayurvedapadakosham.wordpress.com/ – [Ayurveda Drug Index and Pharma information] is brough forward as information and combination of Ayurveda proprietary and traditional formulations. A technoayurveda community at http://technoayurveda.ning.com/ is formed to share the information about Seminars and Events.  Please do join and participate in Ayurveda discussions.

  • Ayurvedically yours,
  • Ayurmitra Technoayurveda Dr.KSR Prasad
  • Professor and Head, Postgraduate Department of Panchakarma
  • SJG Ayurvedic Medical College, Koppal, Karnataka, India

3 responses to “Ayur-Doctors

  1. technoayurveda

    Technoayurveda completes one year with enormous response. Now we introduce a new “Expression & Experience” module “As it strikes to you” to place in “Thinks!” page [https://technoayurveda.wordpress.com/thinks/ ]. All Ayurveda fraternity is requested to share their ideology or experience with the Technoayurveda scientists. A small note or clarifications of your ideology can be placed in the box below directly [https://technoayurveda.wordpress.com/thinks/ ]. If any Figures or long notes is there than, please send to [technoayurveda@gmail.com] me for upload or you may do it directly with permission in http://technoayurveda.webs.com/ – Technoayurveda is for wellness of all

  2. Dr.udaykiran

    I like this attitudes to be developed in Ayurveda.

  3. shekhar sharma

    respected sir,
    happy new year.

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