• Dr. GIRIDHAR.M. KANTHI S/o Late Sri Manappa kanthi
  • Hudco – Colony, L. I. G. House No-39 MANIPAL – 576 104
  • Tel Resi – (0820) – 2570417Cell – 9448888378
  • e – mail – girisha_k@yahoo.com or – girishakanthi@gmail.com

Born: 10th / June / 1950, Age – 59 years

Educational Qualifications

  • D. A. M (Diploma in Ayurvedic medicine in 1971, From Indian Medicine Board. Bangalore)
  • B. S. A. M (Bachelor in the system of Ayurvedic Medicine in 1974 from Mysore University Mysore)
  • D. H. A (Diploma in Hospital Administration, in 1996, from I.H.C.A Chennai)
  • Ph. D in Anatomy (Doctor of Philosophy, in May 2000. from Pune University Pune)

Professional Experience

  • Worked as physician in Taluk Dispensary at Badami (1975-1979)
  • Worked as lecturer and in charge principal in D G M Ayurvedic Medical College Gadag (1979-1983) &
  • Private practice in Gadga (1983-1985)
  • Presently working as Professor & H O D Basic principles & Shareera Rachana Sri D M College of Ayurveda Kuthapady Udupi – Dist Udupi – 574 118 – From 1985 – to till date
  • Recognized Post Graduate Teacher, Post Graduate, M. D (Anatomy) and Ph.D. (Anatomy) Guide, from Rajiva Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore
  • More than 30 years teaching experience in the anatomy Subject, Visiting to Ayurvedic and Nursing colleges as a Anatomy visiting Professor

Additional  Experience

  • U G & P G examiner of RGUHS Bangalore; Pune University Pune;
  • Bharti Vidyapeetha Pune; Goa University Goa;
  • Calicut University Keral & Kannur University Kannur – Kerala
  • Thirty years teaching experience in the anatomy subject.
  • Presented & published various scientific papers in the National and International seminars & magazines.

Professional Membership –

1. B O S Member of Rajiva Gandhi University of Health Sciences Karnataka Bangalore from 2003 to 2006

2. Ayurveda Faculty Member of Rajiva Gandhi University of Health Sciences Karnataka Bangalore from 2005 to till date.

3. B O S Member (Ayurveda) of University of Calicut from 2006

4. Chairman Board of Question paper setters for B.Pharm (Ayu) of Kannur University Kerala – in the year 2006 & 2007

5. Chief Editor “Jnana Srotas” Quarterly Shareera magazine publishing by AISRI Regional branch Hassan

6. Chairman All India Sharira Research Institute Karnataka Regional branch Hassan

7. Life Member of Karnataka Chapter of Anatomists, Karnataka Anatomical Association of India Lucknow Member

Awards Received

  • Best Research Ph D Thesis Gold Medal award from Indian Institute of Medicine Pune in Aug 2000.
  • Best Ph. D thesis award from AISRI Lucknow
  • Best Paper award in Neuro – Anatomy
  • Best Anatomy, (Sharira) Teacher award by AISRI Lucknow
  • Best Anatomy, (Sharira) Teacher 2004 award by AISRI Hassan
  • Best award for Museum development
  • Best award for Video cassette presentation of Basthi and Nasya Karma. From Practioner association of Bellary dist

Other Experience

Best organizer, Best Social worker, Best involvement with teacher and students, appreciated by students & management for best teaching knowledge of anatomy subject, laboratory and museum development, Best utilization of teaching audiovisual materials.

Publications Presentations and Research papers

  • 1) The anatomical concept of “Nasahi siraso dwaram“video cassette presentation at Bellary
  • 2) Anatomical study of brain and research in brain article published in “Amruta Bhindu” magazine     published by PGARC of DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Gadag.
  • 3) Animal experimental study of Anuvasan and Asthapan basthi in albino rats. Published by D.K.D.A. Udupi
  • 4) Efficacy of Anuvasan and Asthapan basthi videocassette presentation in Bellary
  • 5) The concept of Surface anatomy of Purishavaha Srotas presentation in Pune
  • 6) Teaching methodology in Ayurveda, presentation at Teradal Ayurvedic College, Dist Bagalkota.
  • 7) Teaching methodology in Shareera, presentation at Bailahongal Ayurvedic College, Dist Belagaum
  • 8) Better utilization of Audiovisual aids in teaching faculty presentation at S D M
  • College of Ayurveda Hassan
  • 9) Easy methodology of head and neck dissection presentation in number of Ayurveda Colleges.
  • 10) Tail and Kashaya Basthi toxicity study in Male albino Rats experimental study.
  • 11) The concept of Pranayam in Ayurvedic study, Paper presentation in Lucknow.
  • 12) The Anatomical Concept of Sirobasthi and Sirodhara Paper presentation in ALN Rao Ayurvedic Medical College Koppa
  • 13) Efficacy of Mahanarayana Tail basthi in Rheumatoid arthritis in albino rats Published in D K vaidyakiya Sangha Mangalore
  • 14) Efficacy of Dashamoola kashaya basthi in albino rats published by D K Viadykiya Sangha Mangalore
  • 15) Methodology of preparation of the anatomical and pathological specimens for Museum, Workshop presentation
  • 16) Concept of Krimiashaya article published in “Jnana Srotas” 2nd issue Published by AISRI Hassan
  • 17) Concept of Krimiashaya paper presentation in VI Anatomical conference of Karnataka Chapter of Anatomist at B L D E’s Medical College Bijapur in July 2004
  • 18) Ayurvedic concept of embalming techniques Paper presentation at L T M Medical College Sion Mumbai in June 2004
  • 19) Ayurvedic neuro anatomy Guest speech at “ Spandan 2004 “ at D G M Ayurvedic Medical College Gadag in Dec 2004
  • 20) Advanced teaching methodology of Ayurvedic Anatomical Concepts Guest Speaker in National seminar at N K J Ayurvedic Medical College Bidar in Feb 2005
  • 21) Presented scientific paper “A Conceptual study – Study related to Nasocranial Cavity “7th KCA Conference at R V Dental College Bangalore in May 2005
  • 22) Organized Workshop on Kriya Shareer at S D M College of Ayurveda on 3rd and 4th June 2005
  • 23) Organized National Workshop & Seminar on Rachana Shareer at S D M College of Ayurveda in the month of Feb 2006
  • 24) National Seminar on the understanding of endocrinology with respect to Shareer as Resource person at Gomantak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya & Research Centre Shiroda – Goa
  • 25) Presented teaching models in Neuroscience International seminar at Udupi.
  • 26) Presented teaching model of peritoneum in the Soushruthi 07 International conference at Udupi in the Dec 07
  • 27. Poster presentation at 9th Annual conference of KCA J.S.S Medical College Mysore On “Ancient teaching methodology” – 28th April 2007
  • 28. Paper presentation at 10th KCA conference at S N Medical College Bagalkot. “The Concept of Female extra Peshis” on 24th Aug 2008
  • 29. Human Ayurvedic Anatomy Text Book for B A M S. published in the year 2008.


  • Study of the Organs during the basti karma with special Reference to Rachana shareera-Jan 2005
  • A Conceptual – Clinical study related to Naso Cranial cavity -Sep 2005
  • The belief of Scientist – Egyptian Mummies is most ancient – 7000 urs old mummies discovered in chilli – South America  “Chincharo” – Amazing – Jan 2006
  • Foetal Acardia -Sep 2006
  • Anterior Triangles and Cervical Viscera-Mar 2007
  • An unusual origin of Right Colic artery supplies to the large Intestine – A Case report
  • -Mar 2007
  • Honey could be sweet news for diabetics-May 2007
  • Etymology and spelling variations-April 2007
  • A Smile that touches the eyes -Dec 2007
  • A study – variation on the division of sciatic nerve -Dec 2007
  • The Concept of Prustagata Marma (vital parts)-Oct 2008
  • Blood Diseases / Anemias-Apr 2009

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