• Flat no.201,
  • D.No:41-20/10-25.
  • G.R K.Residency, Near High School,
  • Krishnalanka, VIJAYAWADA,
  • Andhra Pradesh -520013, INDIA.
  • Phone-0866 2522624, Mobile-0944016256


  • M.D. (Ayurved) in 1978 from Institute of P G T&R, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, India.
  • B.A.M&S in 1975 from Board of Indian medicine, Govt.of A.P.INDIA


  • PROFESSOR, Dept. of Rasashastra &Bhaishajya kalpana, Dr N R S Govt. Ayurvedic College, VIJAYAWADA, A.P. From February, 2009.
  • GAZETTED LECTURER/ASST. PROFESSOR, P G Dept of Rasashastra, Dr N R S Govt. Ayurvedic College, Vijayawada A.P from March, 2006 to April, 2009.

(Acted as Professor Head of P.G Dept more than one year).

  • LECTURER, N R S Govt. Ayurvedic College, Vijayawada, October, 1989 to March, 2006.
  • MEDICAL OFFICER, Dept of Indian Medicine Govt. of A P March, 1986to Oct, 1989.
  • PRINCIPAL In charge, Ayurveda college Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, September,                                                                                                                       1985 to March, 1985.
  • LECTURER, Ayurveda College, Coimbatore ,1980to1985.
  • MEDICAL OFFICER &HEALTH CO ORDINATOR, Rayalaseema Development      Trust, Anantapur, From 1979 to 1980.
  • ASST. PROFESSOR, B.H.Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, LODHRA, Gujarat, India.1979.


1.”Pharmaceutical & clinical study of RASAPATANGAM. The preparationalaspect of Mercurial sublimation with variations and its administration inSkin-disorders were done. About 35 cases various dermatological conditions Were treated with this drug and observation was limited to the changes onPruritus which was significant. This work was submitted as M D Thesisto Gujarat Ayurved University Jamnagar, in 1978.

2. Co-principal investigator – “Study of the effect of Ayurvedic drugs in epilepsy.” Three standard Ayurvedic medicines were taken and administered in the patientsof Epilepsy. E E G etc., were observed before and after treatment. Simultaneouslyfour anti-epileptic herbs were tried on albino rats for behavioral changes.This work was sponsored by Dept. of Science & Technology, New Delhi andwas carried out in the International Institute of Ayurveda, Coimbatore.

3. Co-principal investigator –“Standardization of Ayurvedic medicines throughanalytical methods.” It is difficult to standardize Ayurvedic medicines in viewof the complexity of the number of the herbs used in each of them and the typical processing methods. An effort has been made in this venture to standardize a few medicines with the help of T LC, HPLC etc., analytical techniques. Thisproject was also sponsored by Dept. of science & technology, New Delhi and was carried out at Coimbatore.

4.Co-principal investigator-“Implementation of Ayurvedic methods in rural health services system of India.” The work in this project involved surveillance of healthstatus and health- practices of rural public and propagation of Ayurvedic measuresto be adopted at every stage of human life for protection against diseases and for longevity. This project was sponsored by USAID/ICMR and was carried outin the nearby villages of Coimbatore.

5.Co-principal investigator-“Study of the response of interleukins to an Ayurvedic Compound in rheumatoid arthritis.” A research project. The work involved was Drug-selection, designing the dosage form, screening of the patients, collection of blood samples, separation of plasma, administration of drug and clinical evaluation.


1. P H C Murthy.”Madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus), a bird’s eye view.”,Ayush,vol.4, no. 2&3, August-december, 1986,pp6-10.

2.P H C Murthy,”Mercurial, metallic and mineral preparations for the ailments of alimentary canal through the perspective of Basavarajiyam.”-Ancient science of life, vol. .4, No.1, july, 1984, pp67-71.

3. P H C Murthy “- Pharmaceutical study of Rasapathangam. “vol.2 no.1. January, 1990. pp1-4.

4. P H C Murthy- “Curriculum development & methods of teaching in Ayurveda W s r to Rasashastra.”Sachitra Ayurved.vol.43 no.1 July, 1990.pp43-46.

5. P H C Murthy-“Postulation of the therapeutics of Swarnamakshika on the basis of chemical constituents


1. P H C Murthy, R P Bhide, C P Liingayat-“A comparative study of malla bhasmaandkasisa bhasma in the treatment of Swasaroga.” Seminar on respiratory disorders, Jamnagar, 1977.

2.P H C Murthy,”Glimpses of Rasashastra.”Seminar conducted by Rasatantra Pharmaceuticals parali, palakkad, kerala, 1982.

3 P H C Murthy, “Processing &clinical application of Rasa bhasma.” Seminar conducted by Academy of Ayurveda. Vijayawada, 1989.

4. P H C Murthy, “Role of Swarnamakshika bhasma in the management of Switra”. Seminar conducted by Academy of Ayurveda, Vijayawada, Dec, 1992.

5. P H C Murthy,”Purity of Mercury –an analytical evaluation through N P S T”.  Seminar on standardization of Rasaushadhis, Koppa, Karnataka, Apr, 2006.

6. P H C Murthy,”Utility of modern technology in standardization of Mercurial Medicines” Guest lecture –Seminar atGadag,Karnataka,2006.

7. P H C Murthy,”Genuineness of Siddhamakaradhwaja –an analytical evaluation through N P S T.”Seminar conducted by CARISM ,SASTRA University, Tanjore, Tamilnadu, Aug, 2007.

8. Resource person for ROT in Rasashastra-A L Govt. Ayurvedic college Warangal, Govt. Ayurvedic, Berhampur, Gopabandhu Ayurved mahavidyalay, Puri, I P G T&R A, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. etc.


  1. Pharmmaceutical&clinical study of Rasapatangam M D Thesis.
  2. Charakasamhita-vimanasthana with Chakrapani commentary –PHCMurthy.

Telugu translation. Pub-AP Ayurvedic literature improvement trust. 1992.

  1. Charakasamhita-Nidansthana with Chakrapani commentary-PHC Murthy,

MK Rao.Pub-AP Ayurvedic literature improvement trust.1992.

  1. Charakasamhita-Sarirasthana with Chakrapani commentary-PHC Murthy,

ML Naidu, CR Sarma.Pub-AP Ayurvedic literature improvement.1993.

  1. Chikitsadarsika-PHC Murthy.Pub-Gudivada Hanumanta Rao smaraka Ayurveda sevasamstha, Tenali.1993.
  2. Rasashastramu(Telugu)Text book on Mercurial Medicine.Pub-Shiv-Nath publications.1997.
  1. ‘Sarngadharasamhita’-A comprehensive text book of Ayurveda-English translation.Pub- Chowkhamba Sanskrit series office, Varanasi,2001.

8.   ‘Madhavanidanam’An authority on Ayurvedic diagnosis .English translation of text&Madhukosa commentary, part -1.Pub-Chowkhamba Sanskrit series office, Varanasi, 2006.

9.  ‘Rasashastra-The Mercurial system’-A text- book, Pub-Chowkhamba Sanskrit series office. Varanasi. 2008.

10.’Madhavanidanam’English translation of text & Madhukosa commentary,

Part-2. Pub-Choukhamba Sanskrit series office, Varanasi.2009.


*Establishment of   P G Dept of Rasashastra at Dr.NRS Govt. Ayurvedic College Vijayawada.

*Gold medal for exploring the method of identification of metallic impurities in Mercury through NPST.

*Best Teacher Award by Lions club of Kankipadu, Vijayawada.

*Best Expert Physician Award by National Medical Association, Vijayawada.

*Guided more than 20 theses of M D (Ayu) students.

*Member in Boards of study &examinations for UG&PG in Calcutta University, Kolkata; Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar; Bharathiar University, Coimbatore; Kerala University, Trivandrum; Jagadguru deemed University, Chennai; Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru & N T R University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada.

*Recognized guide for research (Ph.D.) programme of N T R University of Health sciences, Vijayawada.


7 responses to “P.H.C. MURTHY

  1. Anand Chaudhary

    Nice to see Prof Murthy here.

    A contributory in field of Rasa Shastra.
    With regards,

  2. Dr. Prasad Mamidi

    Nice to see u here sir

    Prasad Mamidi

  3. M.Srinivas Naik

    I am very happy to see in this site about my guru Prof.P.H.C.Murty sir. I am proud to say he is my best teacher in Ayurveda. I am a good practitioner in Rassastra medicine means that is only kind support of my teacher . I always ready to listen his wonderful ideas in Rassastra formulations and lectures. Modern world making panic to use ras drugs, in this situation practically shown my Guru to our students the merits and demerits of ras drugs in class and Practice. Rasa drugs were well prepared became nectar -other wise they produce diseases what is they can cure. this knowledge transformed me by only MURTHY Sir. Thank u sir.

  4. Dr Murthy garu
    I am very much delighted to see your site
    O K
    Dr V. Sudhakara Rao
    M.D.(Ayu), Ph.D.(Ayu)

  5. virupakshgupta

    namasthe sir,
    felt happy to see you here sir
    your student


    very happy see your site my dear brother – P SRI RANGA SAI, SBI, GUNTUR



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