Sivaramudu Prakhya

Much had he read, Much more had seen; he studied from the life, And in th’ original Perused mankind.


Available at Skype as – prakhya.sivaramudu2

Dr. Sivaramudu PRAKHYA, Presently working as Professor and H.O.D. of Panchakarma in Department of P.G. studies, Sri D.G.M. Ayurvedic medical college with past teaching experience of 10 years as Guide for Postgraduate Studies. His is from Vijayawada, did his M.D. Kayachikitsa in July1988 from Government College Of Indian Medicine, Mysore, Karnataka with the Subjects of Kayachikitsa, Panchakarma, Rasayana& Vajikarana and Manasa Roga.

Dr.Sivaram extended his talents in studying Sanskrit (M.A. Sanskrit) and used for teaching the Originals of ayurveda. His area of talent in Psychology (M.A. Psychology) expanding the use of psychological aspects in Psychotherapy in Ayurveda. Many Postgraduates came from his hands and extending service globally. His expanded services in land and Abroad are valuable for the ailed community of particular of psychological disorders.

Areas of Interest:

  • Ayurveda
  • Literary Sanskrit
  • Yoga
  • Vata Vyadhis (Amavata(RA),Gridrasi, Sandhigata vata, etc)
  • Skin Conditions ( Psoriasis, Pigmentary disorders, Eczema)
  • Metabolic Diseases (Diabetes, Obesity)
  • Family Medicine (Infertility Male & female, Azoospermia)
  • Urinary tract Infections( Dysuria,Renal calculi, Benign Prostate enlargement)
  • Psychological Problems( Anxiety, Depression, Family conflicts)
  • Psychoanalytical diagnosis

Attitudes and Skills

  • Developmental
  • Analyst
  • Research
  • Teaching and
  • Computer Skills


Residence: Prof.Dr.P.Sivaramudu, 1st Floor, 12-27-93, Seelam vari Street, Kothapet, GUNTUR- 522001, Andhra Pradesh. Land: 0863- 2217511:    Cell: +91-9440477650

Working: Prof. Dr.P.Sivaramudu, Professor & H.O.D. Department of PanchakarmaDepartment of Postgraduate Studies & Research Centre, Sri .D.G.M. Ayu. Medical College, Savadi Street, Kalaspur Road, GADAG-582 103, KarnatakaCell: +91-9440477650:    College: 08372-238014


  1. Professor HOD (PG) Panchakarma  at D.G.M.Ay.Medical College, Gadag,  Karnataka from Nov 2008 – Present as PG Guide Panchakarma / PK teaching
  2. Professor (PG)  Panchakarma  at D.G.M.Ay.Medical College, Gadag,  Karnataka from Nov 2005 –  Nov  2008 as PG Guide / Panchakarma
  3. Reader (PG)  Panchakarma  at D.G.M.Ay.Medical College, Gadag,  Karnataka from Oct 2000 – Oct 2005 as PG Guide / Panchakarma
  4. Sr. Lecturer (PG)  Panchakarma  at D.G.M.Ay.Medical College, Gadag,  Karnataka from Oct 1999 –  Sept 2000 as  PG teaching/ Panchakarma
  5. Consultant Physician Research at Maharishi Vedic University, Nederland Nov 1998 – Sept      1999, International Hospital I/C, Panchakarma,  Australia, Newzealand, Germany and Nederland
  6. Consultant Physician Research at Maharishi Vedic University, Nederland Feb 1997 –  Oct   1998 Teaching, Consultation I/C Panchakarma clinic Caribbean Islands, Germany
  7. Research / Physician Research at Maharishi Vedic University, Nederland Feb 1996 – Jan     1997   Teaching, Consultation I/C PK Clinics in Canada France, Germany
  8. Physician Research at Maharishi Vedic University, Nederland Jan 1995 -Feb 1996 Teaching, Consultation Consultation, teaching Short term courses in Germany, France and  Taiwan, Korea, Hongkong  Bangkok

Examiner Detail

signed as College &University Month/ Year Subject name Degree Name
Valuator Synopses DGMAMC GADAG, Rajiv Gandhi University  Of Health Sciences         August           2007 Panchakarma MD
Valuator Dissertations DGMAMC GADAG, Rajiv  Gandhi University  Of  Health Sciences October 2007 Panchakarma MD
Valuator Synopses           DGMAMC GADAG,  Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences January   2008 Panchakarma MD
Valuator  Dissertations DGMAMC GADAG,     Rajiv Gandhi University                          Of Health Sciences         June2008 Panchakarma MD

My Thesis:

1. “A Study on Mutrakrichra and Its Management”   That is the Study of the Effect ofPancha Prasrutika Basti given in Yoga Basti Krama in Mutrakrichra Under theGuidance of Prof. Dr. B.G. Gopinath in 1988 under University Of Mysore, Karnataka.

Project Officer/Consultant:

1.   Evaluation of   Vigovit for Rejuvenate and Revitalizing effect for Gangotri Pharma Pvt.  Ltd. Guntur-522022


  • Participated in workshop on “Shodhana Therapy in Ayurveda” on 18th to 20th September 1986 held at Ayurvedic College, Coimbatore.
  • Participated & completed course in Moral and Spiritual Education from 24-05-1981 to 07-061981 held at Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education, Mysore.
  • Participated and given lecture on “Deepana and Pachana in Ayurveda” in Panchakarma Re orientation course for 30 days from 11-9-2002 to 10-10-2002 at DGM Ayurvedic Medical college, Gadag.
  • Organized- Continuous medical education program on Vasti Ardha Chikitsa  on 4th Aug 2003 at DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag.
  • Organized- Mastishka- Panchakarma techniques performed on shiras on 5th -6th January 2005 at DGM Ayurvedic College, Gadag.
  • Participated- Chyavana (Rasayana and Vajikarana) State Level Seminar on 25-6-2005 at DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag.
  • Resource Person for the Atharva- An International Seminar & Ayur Expo from 1st – 3rd December 2006 at DGM Ayurvedic College, Gadag.
  • Participated- International Conference on Health Psychology and Counseling: Issues, Opportunities and Challenges organized on 13th-15th November 2007 by Department Of Psychology and Parapsychology, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh.
  • Participated- Chamara- CME on Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana on 4th Feb 2006 Held at DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag.
  • Participated-Manthana-Pranteeya Vichara Ghosti on “Basic Principles of Ayurveda & Their Applications” on 29th Dec 2007 at DGM Ayurvedic College, Gadag.

Under My Guidance
MD Ayurveda Dissertations

  1. The Study of Arohana Snehapana and Its Effect on Sameda Rakta w.s.r.t Hyperlipidaemia and Normal Lipid Values- 2002-03
  2. Clinical Evaluation of Virechana Therapy in the Management of Pandu Roga- 2003-04
  3. A Comparative Effect of Matra Basti and Snehapana (shaman snehana) Sukumaraka Ghrita in the management of Vatashtila (Benign Prostrate Hyperplasia) – 2003-04
  4. Evaluation of Efficacy of Bhadradi Astapana Basti in sthoulya (obesity) – 2004- 05
  5. Evaluation of Efficacy of Vaitarana Basti in Amavata- An observational study – 2005
  6. Evaluation of Efficacy of Matra Basti in Ksheena sukra – 2005
  7. Role of Virechana karma in Vicharchika – 2006
  8. Effect of Sankara sweda and Virechana in Amavata – 2006
  9. Evaluation of Efficacy of Ksheera bala taila Nasya and Amalaki siddha Ksheera Dhara In Chittodwega w.s.r.t Generalized Anxiety Disorder – 2007
  10. Evaluation of Efficacy of Dwipanchamuladi Mamsarasa Basti in Ghrdhrasi – A Clinical Observational Study – 2007
  11. Effect of Gandharvahastadi taila Virechana and Trivrut lehya Virechana in Trika shoola W.s.r.t Low Back Pain- A Comparative Study – 2008
  12. Effect of Kumkumadi taila Marsha Nasya in the management of Vyanga- 2008
  13. Effect of Panchatikta Prasrutika Basti in Madhumeha W.s.r.t Hypoglycemic Activities –2008


1. A Compilation work on Drugs Useful in Panchakarma

2. A Compilation work on Samsarjana Krama

3. A Compilation work on Vamana karma

4. A Compilation work on Deepana, Pachana, Snehana & Swedana

5. A Compilation work on Management of Ghrdhrasi with Dwipanchamuladi yoga Basti

6. A Compilation work on Sandhigata vata and Matra Vasti

7. A Compilation Work on Yasti siddha Ksheera Dhara & Sarpi Nasya in Anidra

8. A Compilation Work on Trika shoola

9. A Compilation Work on madhumeha

10. A Compilation Work on Vyanga

Others (Exam certificates):

GEETA KOVIDA– Passed in First Division Conducted by Bharatiya vidya bhavan, Bombay in May 1980.

SANSKRIT KOVIDA- Passed in First Division Conducted by Sanskrit Bhasha Pracharini Sabha, Chittor in December 1982.

PAREENA – Passed in First Division Conducted by Sanskrit Bhasha Pracharini Sabha, Chittor in August 1985.




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3 responses to “Sivaramudu Prakhya

  1. Dr. Prasad Mamidi

    Namaste sir,
    My self Prasad Mamidi doing Ph D in Manovigyan avum Manasaroga from Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. I belongs to Vijayawada and i did B.A.M.S from there. I did MD in Manasa roga from Kottakkal. Its nice to know you are working in the area of Manasa roga. I am expecting to learn so many things from u sir. I will be in contact with u sir.

    Prasad Mamidi.

  2. technoayurveda

    Dear Doctor,
    Nice to see the reaction to the technoayurveda action –
    Ayurmitra technoayurveda Dr KSR Prasad

  3. Dr prasad mamidi, i am very happy to know that you are belongs to Vijayawada. you have not mentioned where you are working now.i am always ready to share views and help as much as possible

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