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Mobile : 9924304388.
EMAIL:   vdtapan@gmail.com

  • HOBBIES : Philosophy and Tantra.
  • Highly qualified traditional practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, Panch karma and Mantra therapy with 80 plus years of theoretical and practical knowledge of an Ayurveda practicing family.  Successfully treating diverse general health problems and specialist in the treatment of gastrointestinal, oncological and cardiovascular disorders. Proven ability in Panch Karma, spiritual and Mantra treatments   with certification to conduct minor and major detoxification procedures of Ayurveda.
  •  Pharmaceutical consultant with solid expertise in research and development of natural, herb-based health care and wellness products for nutritional and cosmetic purposes. 
  • International lecturer on the treatment of various topics such as the Management of Diabetes, Cancer Care, cardiac ailments and Stress Management using Ayurdevic medicine and Yoga philosophy including hypnosis.
  • Resourceful and research oriented with an affinity for dealing with complicated, challenging cases.  Caring and empathetic with an exemplary bedside manner and superior patient care skills with a decade plus experience of hospital management.  Proven success treating patients of varying age, ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  •  Excellent extempore orator and leader of Ayurvedic international conferences, workshops and symposiums.
  • Ayurvedic medicine and surgery
  • Pharmaceutical research and development
  • Traditional natural, herbal medicine
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Treatment of oncological disorders
  • Treatment of Cardiological disorders
  • PanchKarma therapy
  • Spiritual and Mantra therapy 


  • Institute Of Post-Graduate Teaching And Research, India
  • M. D. (Ayurvedic Medicine) 1987
  • Gujarat Ayurveda University, India
  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.)1984       
  • Graduated top of class throughout entire academic career, both undergraduate and post-graduate educations.
  •  Special Award winner from Institute of Post Graduate Training and Research.
  •  Best Practitioner Award for Outstanding Ayurvedic practice.
  • Worked as research scholar for three years at post graduate level in cardiac medicine in University of Ayurveda Gujarat, India


  • Trustee: E man trust dedicated to the academic activities  regarding hospitality industry in lactovegan hotels.
  • Founder member: AAO-Active Ayurvedist Organization.
  • Life member: National congress of Ayurveda, Academy for development and research in     Ayurveda, National medicinal plant study circle.
  • Member: Research council- DARF.
  • Visiting and expert  speaker: Nanal Foundation Poona, Gujarat Ayurveda University, Ayu trust AHMEDABAD, Doordarshan, European Academy of Ayurveda ,Mahindra Institute, German, Attended numerous international symposiums, workshops , seminars .ROTOes, OTPes, CMEes and delivered speeches, addresses and  papers on various topics related to Ayurveda and natural medicine.

Organized and participated in several medical camps for ailing population on a humanitarian basis.


  • As a Lecturer at Mai Bhago Ayurvedic Medical college Muktasar Punjab during 6/10/2001 to 13/2/2002 and 20/9/2006 to 20/10/2008.in Rogvignan and Vikrutivignan department
  • As a lecturer at Acharya Gnan Ayurveda College Indore,Madhya Pradesh. During 28/4/2002 to 17/2/2003 and 16/8/2005 to 27/7/2006 in Rogvignan and Vikrutivignan department.
  • As a Reader in J.S. Ayu. Mahavidyalaya since December 2010.


  •  http://www.ayoma.com, USA.       2000 – 2002, Online Healthcare & Wellness Consultant , Provide online guidance in diverse health care issues to international members.
  •  Consult with clients online and obtain detailed medical history.
  •  Thoroughly review medical history and devise different treatment protocols.
  • Recommend lifestyle and dietary changes as well as relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga and ayoma therapy for wellness and personal hygiene as well.
  •  Conduct follow-ups with clients to determine relief score of the recommendations.
  • Pooja Pharma Consultancy Services, India 1990 – 2002

Pharmaceutical Consultant

  •   Offered Pharmaceutical consultancy to many Global and domestic pharma houses in India and abroad as well.
  •  Conducted research and developed natural herb based products for dietary and cosmetic purposes.
  •  Designed and produced anti-topical chewing products useful in oropheryngial hygiene.
  •  Formulated male and female performance enhancing products from local traditional herbs.
  •  Developed massage oils for use in detoxification and rejuvenation for paediatric and postnatal care.
  • Formulated products useful as brain tonics through the combination of nutritional ingredients and herbs.
  •  Formulated products useful in high altitudes pilgrimmage in Himalayas,Tibet and china from Ayurveda.
  •  Provided consulting services for Ayurvedic Pharmaco-therapeutics and herbal food supplements.
  •  Developed a wide range of herb based cosmetics and marketed successfully in India.
  • Doctor House, India 1988- 2000

Medical Practitioner

As a Cardiologist, witnessed, diagnosed and treated hundreds of patients on Ayurvedic line. Developed and tried a tobacco free Ayurvedic anginal pain relieving puff in routine consulting practice.
As a Panchkarma Therapist, conducted Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation program for chronic ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome, central nervous system disorders, skin diseases and degenerative diseases.
Both of the above activities enjoyed at Sujivan Clinic, 401 Doctor House Elisbridge Ahmedabad-6 Gujarat, India.
Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research Foundation (DARF) & Divyajyot foundation incorporation:

Medical director:   1991-2002

As a medical director of the Panchkarma and general medicine witnessed, diagnosed and treated more than 23000 patients of various Cancers under the blessings of his GURU Her Piousness MAA ANANTANANDA TIRTH (A Indian monkess internationally famous for her spiritual healing authority). Managed a hospital run by above trust both at Out Patients, In Patients Departments and Panchkarma theatre.. Analyzed the data of the foundation’s clinical activities.

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    I have got some patches as vitiligo now I live in usa so pl conslt and treatment
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