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Behind my Ayurvedic success …

Learning Ayurveda is not that simple. The theories of Ayurveda are always complicated and application and practice of them are really Herculean task. Many teacher may be influenced you to learn and practice Ayurveda. You may write about such influenced Ayurvedic personalities in the box below. Please take pains to participate in the poll below.

My successful learning Ayurveda is because of …

Faulty Ayurveda?

  • Recently I enquired a student of First profession BAMS student about the adjustment in to the curriculum.Oops!
  • Student relied – “OK sir”
  • I ask “How is the study”  . . . “Not Ok” is the reply
  • Why? Whether teachers are not teaching well or you do not understand? Is the question –
  • Student pause a while and said – teacher teaching well as he know and I am not understanding the subject on the contrary the modern medicine is easy to understand and even to follow and practice. May be the fault lies with neither teacher nor the student – it is just the Ayurveda. – As it is not taught capable and understood. So, the Ayurveda is faulty.
  • It is so funny even after 33 years of close association with Ayurveda, even though it is not understood complete; I think there is a lot in it. But the present generation concludes as it is not understood there is nothing in Ayurveda.
  • On the other hand the institutionally trained 500,000 Ayurveda doctors are (many) not practices Ayurveda any more and depends upon the other systems – especially the Allopathic. It looks we are cutting our roots and opportunities of Ayurveda and of next generations. Is it true? Your valuable comment is necessary to appeal to the Ayurveda fraternity and AYUSH.

Do you feel that Ayurveda teacher requires an Exclusive Education Training?

Do you feel that Ayurveda teacher requires an Exclusive Education Training?

  • Yes! It is Required
  • No. Present M.D. is sufficient
  • Can not say any thing!
  • All this discussion and polling is waste.

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