VN Joshi



Dr. Venkata N Joshi is a 1980’s graduate of Ayurveda from Osmania University, Hyderabad India. He has completed his Ayurveda studies with a Master’s degree (M D in Ayurevda) and also PhD from Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar, India. He was an active member of teaching staff in varied Ayurveda schools in India and also known for his pioneering services in practice and research throughout the teaching Institutes of Ayurveda.  Currently he is teaching at College of Ayurveda – UK in collaboration with Middlesex University – London and also recently joined as a Principal of European School of professional Studies in association with Ayurveda UK Ltd. – London. Furthermore he is doing one of the most popular live TV shows (Ayurveda Remedies) on Sunrise TV in UK. He did also serve as an academic consultant for University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. His wide range of exposure to world through academic, teaching and research made him unique to become a successful practitioner of Ayurveda. So working as a Director & Chief Consultant of Ayurveda UK Ltd.


5 responses to “VN Joshi

  1. Dr. Prasad Mamidi

    Namaste sir,
    Its nice to know about u.

    Dr. Prasad mamidi

  2. technoayurveda

    Dear Doctor,
    You also can have place in technoayurveda – so, contact with your details –
    Ayurvedically Yours,
    Ayurmitra Technoayurveda Dr KSR Prasad

  3. shantanu yadav

    hi sir, do u remember me ?
    We meat in koppa.

  4. shantanu yadav

    it was really great to know about u sir.

  5. DR. Venkata N joshi

    Dear Dr, Shantanu yadav and dr prasad, thank you for the comments. wish you all the best for the role of your play in Ayurveda.

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