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Speak for the Best

Ayurveda is getting subjected to change its face very frequently under the influence of present day study methods. We as the senior Ayurveda fellows has to understand the route map and suggest the better options time to time for governing bodies to make the correct decisions. Present trend in the medical study is EBM, of course even though Ayurveda practicing this as “Sadhikara Niroopita Chikitsa”, we require to make a translation of this existing module easily understandable to the other communities in their language understandable. Please see the syllabus in terms of student centered education where it is useful ultimately to the consumer and community. A study which is not useful for the physician and the consumer (Patient) becomes ruined or distorted soon.

Here  Dr Giridhar Kanthi [] of SDM College of Ayurveda udupi [Cell– 9448888378] has provided the year wise system of BAMS 1st year Rachana Sareera syllabus which is to be completed in 12 months of time including the Examinations. Please check this with the interest and levels of understanding for a 12th standard student.

The PG Shareera Rachana curriculum is provided by Dr. Mukund Erande [] of SS Ayurved College, Hadapsar PUNE 411028.

I request you honestly to make any suggestions from your side to improve this draft in any form considering the needs of our UG/PG Students and the subject as a whole. This draft is available at –

Download / view BAMS syllabus

Download / view PG Paper I syllabus

Download / view PG Paper II syllabus

Dr.KSR Prasad Presentations

Ayurmitra Dr.KSR Prasad at 

On request all Presentations and Papers by Ayurmitra Dr. KSR Prasad is pooled here. Follow Technoayurveda Ayurmitra Dr.KSR Prasad on Slideshare

  1. Ayurveda Atyayika Chikitsa
  2. Avenues for Research & updates in Ayurveda
  3. Opportunities & Obstacles in Ayurveda
  4. Unveiled Scientific Facts of Ayurveda
  5. Chikitsa Interpretation of Agni
  6. Clinical importance of Pittadhara Kala
  7. Ambrosia for Youthful Longevity
  8. Vajikarana & Sexology
  9. Rasaaushadhi In Geriatric / Aphrodisiac Practice
  10. Vajikarana – The Ancient Semen Farming, (Eugenics) / Sexology
  11. Application of Vajikarana & Rasayana in clinical practice -2009
  12. Science and technologies of Samsodhana karma
  13. Validation of Vasti for futurity
  14. Aushadha Sevana (Applied Medicinal Intake)
  15. Ayurveda Today for Managing Tomorrow
  16. Ayurveda Nutriceuticals in Genitourinary Tract disorders or Mirror
  17. Excellence of Rasaaushadhi In Ayurveda Practice1
  18. Excellence of Rasaaushadhi In Ayurveda Practice2
  19. Madhumeha (Diabetes) Management
  20. Impotency – A Birds Eye View
  22. Bhutagni in Liver 
  23. Impregnable mind in somatic pathology
  24. Management of Pranavaha srotas Diseases “Ayurvedic Pulmonology”
  25. Anaemia Control through Ayurveda
  26. Conceptual study of Mootravaha Srotas
  27. Beautake- A Symposia on cosmetology
  28. Gender Specific diseases of Ayurveda W.S.R. to Male Erectile Dysfunction
  29. Abhyanga – An external Oilation therapy – (MASSAGE)
  32. Vamana – A scientific approach
  33. Dhanyamla Bahiparimarjana
  34. Scenario of Panchakarma standardization
  35. Rakta Pittam
  36. Identifying and managing “Manyasthambha” (Cervical spondylarthritis)
  37. Uttara Vasti in Male – A scientific approach
  38. Moordhni Taila chikitsa
  39. Introduction to Kshudra Kusta (11) & Vicharchika with its management
  40. Terminology of Kayachikitsa
  42. Jara Shastra::A study of Dhatupaka
  43. Avrutavata and its Chikitsa
  44. Issues of Neuro ageing -Text
  45. Issues of Neuro ageing -PPT
  46. Encrypted Ayurveda to Decrypted Evidence-txt
  47. Phytonomy-Plant Anatomy
  48. Wow Breast Oh Bra 4 U
  49. Pumsavana – Choice of child 
  50. Clean off Madhumeha vis-à-vis Diabetes with Sadabahar  / Vinca rosea
  51. Queen of Herbs – ASPARAGUS (Shatavari) as Multi target Drug

Astrology – Jyotisham / Others

  1. Vaidya Jyotisham – AstroMedicine
  2. Quest for Key in Astro-Medicine
  3. Astrology Utility in Patient Care
  4. Result of Quest
  5. The Message form Water
  6. yoga templets 

Periodical Publication
Amruta Bindu Issue-01 Issue-02  Issue-03 Issue-04 Issue-05 Issue-06&07 Issue-08 & 09   Issue-10 & 11 (10&11mirror)
Amrita Chikitsa Vani – Jan 2009 – Feb2009

Srotas- Ojas

PPt BY – Prof. Dr. N. Satya Prasad, M.D., PGDHM, GOLD MEDALIST, Sr. Reader / Civil Surgeon, Post Graduate department of Kayachikitsa, Dr. B.R.K.R. Government Ayurvedic college, Hyderabad, A.P., India




Genetics vis-à-vis Shukravaha Srotas

Genetics vis-à-vis Shukravaha Srotas – Dr.Pallavi.G, Dept of P.G Studies in Ayurveda Siddhanta,GovtAyurvedaMedicalCollege,Mysore

  • Why is the offspring similar to the parents in many respects yet different from them?
  • The riddle has been a subject of interest to the minds of philosophers since time immemorial.
  • It may be compared to the genotype which is a complete set of instructions on how the body is supposed to be built. . . .  [Further reading]

Sex and Death

Kim Sterelny, Paul E. Griffiths, “Sex and Death: An Introduction to Philosophy of Biology (Science and Its Conceptual Foundations series)”
University Of Chicago Press | 1999-06-15 | ISBN: 0226773035 | 456 pages | PDF | 31 Mb

Is the history of life a series of accidents or a drama scripted by selfish genes? Is there an “essential” human nature, determined at birth or in a distant evolutionary past? What should we conserve–species, ecosystems, or something else?